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Who Is This For?

  • You find yourself constantly dissatisfied comparing your life to others.

  • You’re not sure what your gifts, talents, life experiences, and passions are.

  • You feel stuck in a job you hate, want to quit, but see no way out.

  • You feel more anxious and depressed than ever because you feel you’re behind your peers.

  • You want to learn how to discover and steward your calling to glorify God.


A Proven Method to Discover Your Calling

More than 5700 people benefited from MY
STEP-BY-STEP process of finding THEIR CALLING

  • Discover your calling through a step-by-step, practical process.

  • Increase your satisfaction, peace, fulfillment about life & career decisions.

  • Gain greater clarity about your unique design.

  • Find your vocational sweet spot where your personality, gifts, passions, and life experiences intersect.

  • Find a job that best fits with your vocational sweet spot.


1) Step-by-Step practical guide

My step-by-step process for discovering your vocational sweet spot, including: life experiences, personality, passion, and giftedness. Each element includes practical exercises you can immediately apply in your life.

2) self-paced program

It can take anytime from one week to 2 months based on how slow or fast you want to go to complete the course. You get instant access to all content, so you’re free to move faster if you want.

3) online Coaching

Paul Sohn, best-selling author of Quarter Life Calling and internationally known calling coach and speaker, will personally guide you guides you through each step via 20+ instructional videos. Paul has personally coached, taught, consulted more than 5700 people discover their calling all around the world.


This is a course for everyone in any walk of life. Our course is designed in such a way that you can develop and integrate the skills you’ve learned in this program into any sphere of influence: at home, at your workplace, in your community, in your school, and in ministry.


You might be wondering how you can find support while completing the course. You will be part of a supportive online community where you will interact with other members to hold each other accountable in applying everything you’ve learned.


Before you finish the course, you will hear from the most influential thought leaders, sharing their wealth of wisdom with on calling and vocation from fields including education, arts & entertainment, business, government, family, religion, and media & communications.


Introduction to Finding Your Calling

Watch My Introduction to the Course

A workbook that includes over 15 practical exercises to help you discover your calling


Session 1:
What You Need to Know Before Finding Your Calling

Video 1: Your Identity Precedes Your Calling
Exercise: Identity Letter to Jesus
Video 2: How to Grow Your Self Awareness
Exercise: Johari Window


Session 2:

Everything You Should Know About Calling

Video 3: Calling Starts with the Caller
Video 4: Job vs. Career vs. Calling
Video 5: Two Most Important Things About Calling
Video 6: Two Biggest Myths About Calling
Video 7: Framework for Finding Your Calling


Session 3:

Key Obstacles to Finding Your Calling

Video 8: Idols of Your Heart
Exercise: Diagnosing the Idols of Your Heart
Video 9: Fear
Video 10: Busyness
Exercise: 20/10 Exercise - “Stop Doing List”

Session 4:

Vocational Sweet Spot (Life story)

Video 11: Creating Your Personal Life Map
Exercise: Crafting Your Personal Life Map

Session 5:

Vocational Sweet Spot (Personality)

Video 12: Discover Your God-given Wiring
Exercise: Discover Your MBTI and Strengths and Weaknesses

Session 6:

Vocational Sweet Spot (Gifts and Strengths)

Video 13: Discover Your Gifts and Strengths
Exercise: Finding Your Top 5 Indispensable Gifts/Strengths


Session 7:

Vocational Sweet Spot

Video 14: Discover Your Holy Discontent
Exercise: Discover Your Top 5 Passion Words
Exercise: Find Your Passion Themes


Session 8:

Tying It All Together

Video 15: Step-by-Step Guide to Filling Out Your Vocational Sweet Spot
Exercise: Filling Out Your Vocational Sweet Spot
Video 16: Rich Grandpa Exercise
Exercise: Visioning Exercise


Session 9:

Align Your Job into Your Calling

Video 17: Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Job - Exercise: Job Crafting - “Aligning Your Job to Your Calling”


Session 10:

I Found My Calling. Now What?

Video 18: Discover God’s Will for My Life
Video 19: Write Your Obituary
Exercise: Real vs. Ideal Obituary
Video 20: Development Your Calling Statement
Exercise: My One Sentence Calling Statement
Video 21: Stop, Start, Continue
Exercise: Stop Doing, Start Doing, Continue Doing

wait, who are you?

Hey, I’m Your Guide.
Paul Sohn!


It all started when…

I did the craziest thing an ambitious 28-year-old could do. On March 15, 2015, I quit (no, I fired myself from) my Fortune 50, high-paying job with great benefits without having another official job lined up. It was everything I thought I wanted. But deep inside, I felt lost, empty, and dissatisfied. That was more than 4 years ago…

In the past four years, I had the privilege to travel around the world to speak to over 7000 millennials. I wrote a best-selling book called Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties and Millennials Calling: Helping the Largest Living Generation Finding Their Place and has been named one of the “Top 33 under 33 Christian Millennials to Follow” by Christianity Today. In 2017, I founded QARA where I teach, coach, and consult emerging leaders connect their calling to their career.

Whether you’re in a quarter-life crisis or a mid-life crisis, this is an opportunity to step into your life’s purpose. It is the perfect moment to face your fears, explore your dreams, and discover how God has uniquely designed you.

I am excited to bring all the things I’ve learned to you through this course. In this course, I offer a step-by-step process to help you practically discover your God-given calling. Each session is designed with interactive activities, exercises, and tangible action steps that will help you explore your personality, gifts, passions, life story and how that translates into your sweet spot.

If you will feel like you’re stuck, this course will help you learn who you really are and what you were created to do, and I look forward to walking with you every step of the way.

You can learn more about my story through my interview at Biola University.

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"This is for anyone who want to break free from the rat race - for those who believe they were created for something more."



”You don’t want to wait until your midlife crisis to think through important questions of calling and career! This course will help you fully embrace your calling and work from your sweet spot.”



“This is a timely resource for a generation that is restless to find purpose and meaning. With the voice of a friend but the authority of a mentor, Paul encourages to not settle for the status quo but to find resonance in the sweet spot of your calling.”



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  • 10+ hours of high quality video content

  • Over 15 practical exercises that will help you discover your calling

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our most popular plan


  • 10+ hours of high quality video content

  • Over 15 practical exercises that will help you discover your calling

  • A PDF workbook to help you implement all the tools

  • Lifetime Access

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  • 10+ hours of high quality video content

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  • Bonus Q&A with Thought Leaders

  • A PDF workbook to help you implement all the tools

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